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February 2015 Havard in the House Article

16th February 2015

Taxing Issues - Choose Well

Tax ‘avoidance’ is legal but tax ‘evasion’ illegal’. So what, you might say, it still doesn't seem right. Global companies making money in one place and shifting profits around the world to ‘avoid’ tax means the proportion of surplus made does not benefit the people who largely created it. Old fashioned thinking I am told; well I am an old fashioned boy from the Valleys and know a scam when I see one. I also see the damage it does. Even Barak Obama in his recent US Budget says if companies make their profits in the US they should pay tax on them in the US.

Recognising that in any modern economy controls are needed to govern the distribution of surplus and profits. Labour put in place the Minimum Wage in the face of Tory opposition. It was Keir Hardie’s demand to address poverty but also ensure working people gained a minimum just reward for their labour. The Governor of the Bank of England tell us that we are all getting better off anyway and the value of wages are increasing. Simultaneously David Cameron - now in favour of a ‘minimum’ (often unenforced) Minimum Wage - says employers should pay workers better! We all know that most people are worse off under the Tory/Lib Dem Coalition and any small increases in the value of wages and pensions is because inflation is down on some things like petrol and diesel. Long term costs like housing, heating, childcare and travel are another story. The truth is, asking employers and global companies to ‘play fair old boy’ and pay taxes and quality wages is just a Tory cop out for the election.

Action and enforcement is needed. If elected, Labour will increase the Minimum Wage, deal with zero hour contracts, regulate for energy costs and address these ‘taxing’ issues.
The choice is yours; choose well.

Dai Havard MP                  

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