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December 2014 Havard in the House Article

                                                                  8th December 2014

 Season of Goodwill?

No good cheer in the Autumn Financial Statement from the Tories and their ‘Quisling’ Liberal Democrat collaborators. George Gideon Osborne MP, sporting his new ‘Caligula’ style hairdo, set out your future austerity. If you re-elect them, or others who will lever them into government, at the General Election. Faster bigger cuts than you have seen so far, taking the public sector back to 1930’s levels; that’s George’s promise. Not much compassion and not much humanity at a time of ‘good will to all men’. Just a clear statement of intent to finish their ideological project.

There is no statesmanship or concern expressed for the human effects of their programme. The reverse; with Osborne, incredulously, claiming that he has made cuts ‘without damaging public services’. All the evidence of disabled and vulnerable people punished by the failed introduction of PIP and other schemes, like the Bedroom Tax and other failures, just ignored. Multi-millionaires like Clegg, Cameron and Osborne live in a different world but certainly know how to defend themselves and their ‘friends in the city’ at our cost. But be careful also of the dangers attached to the wannabe Populist alternatives, like Boris and ‘dog whistle’ Nigel and the Ukippers, who would undermine Public Services probably more than those they wish to replace. Replace but not be different from, just more little Englander.

The General Election offers the opportunity to dump them and re-invest in ourselves through our Public Services and our Public Servants, who we thank at this time of year. Public Services are vital for us all and we need to reject the cynicism of the media and thank not just all who deliver services but give public service to make that happen.

I wish them and you and yours well for Christmas and the New Year. Cyfarchion y Tymor - Seasons Greetings.


Dai Havard MP


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