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Havard in the House Article October 2014

Constitutional Con-tricks Or Real Reform?

The Tories could not win their 602 MP’s gerrymander to capture power by dumping Welsh and Scots MP’s but, inadvertently, the Separatist Nationalists have resurrected their opportunities to change the UK system. Convenient for Cameron’s latest escapology act and the little Englander’s in his own Party to help them counter UKIP. Still not enough though to stop more defections and by-elections.


In contrast, Ed Miliband and Carwyn Jones are correct in demanding Constitutional Conventions to deal with constitutional changes properly.


The constitutional agenda could well dominate the General Election and the Parliament beyond but the damage could be done much earlier than that if the Tory gerrymander in Westminster succeeds. The Scot Nat’s are clearly going to use Cameron's gerrymandering to justify another referendum, or a ‘Never-endum’.



The Liberal Democrats just want any system that cements them permanently into any form of coalition government; irrespective of being able to win seats on merit. All set against, Cameron’s, ’Grassing up the Queen’ and bending the constitutional arrangements; maybe just laying the ground for Boris Johnson.



The Labour Party is the only party arguing for the public to be properly involved in debating and shaping the form of the changes needed.



Promises of governance to the Scots must be honoured. Making changes to UK Government on the same timetable however is Tory con-trick. There is time for proper debate to get any UK changes right, especially in England where a so-called English Parliament would not just be a denial of real devolution for them but Cameron's just interested in another escape act and political fix.

Dai Havard MP


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