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March 2015 Havard in the House Article
 The Dumb Chancellor! 

George Gideon Osborne won't say where his further £12Bn 'Welfare cuts' would come from. He won't say how many thousands of public sector workers would have to get the sack to pay for his accelerated austerity. In 2010 he promised the task of dealing with national debt and 'rebalancing the economy' that would essentially be done by 2015 with the economy booming. Despite all the pain, financial losses, insecure employment and public sector cuts for ordinary people, the UK's debts are at the same level Alistair Darling promised, without punishing ordinary people or the bedroom tax. 'Rebalancing' to the wealthy 'bandit' Bankers with limited growth only coming late and from the accident of falling oil prices is what we got. Not growth through planned productivity investments as Labour promised and still promises. Just as making 'I'm sorry' videos will not deal with broken promises and the costs of Higher Education, faster austerity will not deal with the UK's investment for productivity needs or eliminate the bedroom tax. It would continue and compound problems for many disabled people and do nothing to build quality employment prospects for young people. Don't take my word for it look at this quote from the head of Citizens Advice Bureaux's (CAB) on the Budget last week; " The countrys improving financial situation is welcome but it is important to remember it comes against a backdrop of years of rising bills and stagnant wages...there was nothing to address challenges around childcare, energy bills and private rents." CAB's deal with the real everyday struggles of ordinary people that will not be helped by the political smoke and mirrors of a can't say, won't say, spinmeister. The Tory/Lib Dem Coalition's new promise is to force all the extra austerity into the next three years to make up for their failure to reduce a debt ordinary people did not create. Why would you vote for that?

Dai Havard MP


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